Etched in stainless steel and brass

Signs and front panels

Need signs or front panels that can withstand high chemical or mechanical loads? Etched stainless steel signs meet these requirements, including weather resistance. Let our experts produce elegantly functional products for you - made in Germany!

Etched stainless steel signs

Etched stainless steel signs

Need a paint finish?

We are happy to work with your signs or front panels in one or more colours - designed with abrasion-resistant, weather-resistant and UV-resistant stoving lacquers. Optionally, we also seal the product with a transparent protective coating.

Your advantages with

etched stainless steel signs:

  • almost unlimited life with clearly legible typeface?
  • repeat orders possible with  complete accuracy and tolerances.?
  • applicable for offshore and shipping (due to seawater resistant V4A)?
  • suitable for high hygienic requirements of the food industry?
  • can be used for tank construction and chemical industries (resistant to alkalis and acids)?
  • environmentally friendly production processes (state-of-the-art machinery, repeatedly used etching medium, recycled stainless steel)
K.I.N. Industrial signs

High flexibility:

We supply material thicknesses of 0.5 to 3.0 millimetres and material grades from 1.4301 to 1.4571. We are pleased to come to your premises for customised, personal service to discuss your individual needs.

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