Aluminium, brass, bronze

Permanently valuable cast plates

Need well designed cast plates with very durable properties? Our experts manufacture individual products for your industrial needs - optionally made of aluminium, brass or bronze. Benefit from quality made in Germany!?

?With cast informatic and logo reliefs, our plates can withstand even the strongest loads. Even decades later, they are completely legible - even after several coats of paint. At the same time they leave a strong impression with their noble design.

Casting plates made of aluminium, brass, bronze

Not sure of

material, size and colour?

No problem: we offer cast plates that are finely ground, grooved, smoothed or highly polished. Also possible is the stoving of RAL colours - both single and multi-coloured. Talk to us about your ideas for your product.

Cast plates

Your advantages

  • permanently usable under the toughest conditions (e.g. in mechanical and plant engineering or offshore)?
  • repeat orders possible with complete accuracy and tolerances.?
  • environmentally friendly production processes (state-of-the-art machinery, reusable sand moulds and metal recycling) 

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