anodized aluminium

Signs, front panels and control panels 

Need signs, front panels or control panels that are highly resistant to mechanical and chemical conditions? For these requirements we use anodized aluminium. We manufacture consecutive barcodes, serial numbers, QR and Datamatrix codes, photos, grids and colour gradients to suit your specific requirements. See for yourself our aesthetic, functional quality products made in Germany!

Signs, front panels and control panels

What happens

 during anodizing?

In this method of surface technology, we first print colours in the open anodized aluminium layer. Then we create an oxidic and transparent layer that protects the print from chemical and mechanical stress.

Your advantages

anodized aluminium:

  • allows permanent labelling
  • wear and corrosion resistant
  • resistant to aggressive conditions (e.g. weather, chemicals)
  • easy to clean due to scratch-resistant surface
  • inexpensive process
  • repeat orders possible with complete accuracy and tolerances.
  • environmentally friendly production (state-of-the-art machinery, reusable etching media and aluminium recycling)
Your needs,

we supply:

We produce front panels, machine and service plates, scale panels and control panels to a thickness of 0.3 to 10 millimetres.